Available in Cydia today is a fun little application that display quotes on your locked screen. This is the description of the widget by its author, Allen:

Entertain yourself and your friends with famous quotations everytime you go to your lockscreen. This widget for WinterBoard contains hundreds of quotes and each time you lock your iPhone/iPod Touch, a new one is displayed. Works on top of other Lockscreen themes.

While “entertaining” me and my friends with this widget sounds a little too much, I think it’s a really cool app to have. It just makes your iPhone look a little smarter…

One thing I’d like to be able to do is add my own quotes. Maybe for future releases?

  • WOW!

    HOW DO I DOWNLOAD THIS!?!?!?!? pleeeeease hellp, i’m dying over here!?!?

  • You have to have a jailbroken iPhone, go to Cydia and it should be there under “changes”

  • WOW!

    ok dude, FINAL QUESTION, when you say go to Cydia, you mean thru my iPhone, or my computer? LAST QUESTION, Promise!!!

  • Ok Wow, this is your final chance… I’m kidding. Reading your comment I am not even sure you know what jailbreaking means so here is a post Cody wrote about the pros and cons. Check it out and see if you feel like jailbreaking.

    If you do want to jailbreak, then have a friend do it for you or follow this tutorial WORD BY WORD and it will help you jailbreak your phone.

    Once your iPhone is jailbroken, you will have a new icon on your springboard. This is the Cydia icon. Cydia is pretty much like the App Store, except it is for jailbroken applications only. I personally prefer it better than the App Store but others might discuss this.

    So on your iPhone, launch Cydia and it should take a few seconds to start as it will be refreshing the sources (basically, sources are apps providers). Once it’s up and running, got to “Search” and type “Famous Quote Widget”. You most likely won’t even have to type the full name. Select it and click “Install”, wait a fe seconds and voila…

    This is the best I can do for you my friend and I hope this will help.


  • WOW!

    thank you, i understand now

  • custom_quotes

    You can add you own list of quotes relatively easily, you just have to edit the “quoter.js” script found in /var/stash/Themes…/Famous Quotes Widget

    For example, I formatted a list of Simpsons quotes to replace the normal quote list here.

  • umaza

    hey wats up man i got this app on mi phone but i m not sure how to have it running with a custom background it would help if you could tell me how r if i need to do something with my winterboard or something thanks

  • Dani

    I’ve installed this widget and I love it. However my lockscreen background is now black. How can you make it transparent? I’ve tried different widgets and all of them are displayed on black background. Is this a winterBoard problem or a 3.0 ver. incompatibility?

    @ custom_quotes what program you use to edit the “quoter.js” file ?

    • custom_quotes

      You can edit quoter.js with any text editor on your computer, such as Notepad in Windows. It is just a plaintext script file.

      • Dani

        I know, but I thought there is a special editor for js files to make the job easier, like I just paste the text and the editor does all the formatting I chose.

  • Dani

    I’ve found a workaround this problem: edit the file “Library/Themes/Famous Quotes Widget/LockBackground.html”
    I’ve added tis line :

    So the file looks like this now:

    Famous Quotes Widget

    Maybe the 3.0 version does not handle the : <body style="background-color: transparent; ?

    • nick s.

      hey i fiddling with the html file to do just the same thing and couldnt figure it out. i saw that you were saying to add a line but the line doesnt show up on the comments.

  • ChalleFo


    The text where you say what text you added and when you supposedly show how it looks now is gone. Could you (or someone else) please re-post that?

  • Dani

    @ ChalleFo
    I’ve added this line after the / h e a d

    body background=”/private/var/mobile/Library/LockBackground.jpg”
    you have to write this between angle quotations

  • ChalleFo

    Thank you so much! I never realized that I have to specify in which directory the file was located. Now I directed it to “User Lock Backround”, so that the wallpaper will change dynamically. Thank you so much!

    Just one minor issue. The text turned black and is hard to read. Do you know how I can make it white again?

  • ChalleFo
  • tamtam

    I love you so!
    Sebastien, custom_quotes
    I missed my quotes on my new unbroken ipod touch and was searching for them. Thanks for letting me know.
    There are many quotes around but I especially liked the ones via cydia.
    Now I am happy again. ­čśë

    Happy holidays to all of you.

  • Erchamion

    Can someone please tell me what script you’re supposed to put in the LockBackground.html to stop it from going black?
    In the comments above, it isn’t showing up for me, for some reason…

  • I hav installed Famous quotes widget.. But I m not finding in my iPhone4 …. Also I m not finding LIBRARY in my iphone