If you’re like me and you check the new apps in Cydia on a daily basis, you probably saw a new app called Patchulous. The description of Patchulous may be interesting for anyone having issues with cracked .ipa files:

Patchulous patches .ipa files that have a second security measure such as TextGuru or BlueSkies. This can be used for other IPAs that may come out in the future with second security measures.

I googled Patchulous and came across this thread on MMI. Here is what user ButFuq (interesting screen name!) reports about Patchulous:

immediately after installing it to 3g iphone- all cracked apps not installed through cydia were erased. it was installed through cydia.

If I were you, I would not install this app until we know more about it.

  • I installed it and everything is fine but I’m gonna uninstall it just In case

  • almanzarj

    yeah i installed this shit and it messed up all my apps i got from itunes…going to restore phone…i hope whoever made this….you know what i mean!

  • Thanks. I’ll consider myself warned.

  • James

    I am curious as to who controls what applications can be downloaded via cydia? dont they test these apps before releasing it first? not sure how all this hosting stuff works and who hosts them. can someone explain?

  • Same happened with me … First it erased all my apps, and now whenever I try to install those again (from Appstore/Cydia/Installer), the apps start getting installed and immediately get lost in nowhere once installation is completed. Guess, will have to restore the 2g phone back!

    Though, I’m not sure if this is due to Patchulous or clicking “Install all” in Installous 🙁

  • @James – Cydia apps are hosted by various sources (like BigBoss, Mod My Iphone, etc…). While most of these repositories are controlled and checked, some most likely do not check what apps they allow on their servers. Patchulous came from the Hackulo.us repo, which means they do not check what app they add to their repo.

    Cydia comes with pre-installed sources (bigboss, MMI, etc…) and those are pretty trust worthy sources. However, the problem comes when you start adding sources (like Hackulo.us).

    The lesson we have to learn here is that you should not trust every app that you see on Cydia.

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  • hello James

    It is a pretty good idea. What do you mean by “rotating system”? I think it would require a lot of work from all of us to make it work. Please tell me what you have in mind.


  • James

    Thanks Sebastian for the explanation. It is always nice to learn something new. Maybe we should have a rating system done on this site for all the apps that are on Cydia. This way, users can check first before download.

  • Beginsa

    I installed it, found no issues, uninstalled it, still no issues, doing a complete reinstall/ new Jbreak, just in case. I also have a ITouch, not Iphone, i know for a fact that it does not do what its supposed to , Which was patch “BlueSkies”