I came across this funny post on BoingBoing; basically it’s a top 10 of the top 10 iPhone flaws. I figured I’d spin this post and make a larger list of everything that sucks about the iPhone. Hey, don’t worry, I still love my iPhone!

List is made in no special order.

  • Web apps cannot download, upload or store data
  • Web pages cannot be saved for offline viewing
  • Cannot browse iPhone’s folders by any means
  • No Flash
  • No Java
  • Weak speaker
  • Two-year commitment required with carrier
  • Carrier-locked
  • No hardware keyboard
  • No voice dialling
  • No Bluetooth stereo
  • Does not operate in landscape mode in all applications
  • Delay for new voicemail notification
  • No full-screen view in browser; large button strip always present
  • Crap camera
  • No Cut and Paste
  • Stocks sucks
  • Notes sucks
  • Can’t replace battery
  • No MMS
  • Crap GPS
  • Terrible battery life
  • No webcam
  • Adding contacts is annoying
  • No TV
  • No tethering allowed

Do you have anything to add to this list?

  • Autocorrection sucks and can’t be disabled
    No vcard support over bluetooth


  • Autocorrection does suck! I cannot count the time I sent a text message or email and realized too late that some of the words were not what i wanted to type..

  • david

    auto correct does suck.!
    Ifeel your pain sebastoen.
    Srry if spelled wrong.
    But yeah the iPhones great I’m on mine right now.

  • Pawel

    AUTO COrrect can be disabled in setting/ general/ keyboard. Morons complaining about autocapitalization