If somehow you have managed to pay only $15 for AT&T’s MEdia Net Unlimited to use with your iPhone 3G, enjoy while it lasts…

Boy Genius Report posted about this AT&T user who received an email from AT&T to kindly ask him to switch to a standard iPhone 3G plan.

Subject: Important information regarding your iPhone 3G

The new AT&T – Your world. Delivered.

Our service records indicate that you are using an iPhone 3G with a data plan designed for other devices.

To avoid unexpected data overage charges and enable Visual Voicemail, please contact your telecom manager, or an AT&T representative at 1-800-331-0500.

Thank you for choosing wireless from AT&T. We appreciate your business.

AT&T Customer Service

  • Jacob

    I personaly experienced this problem and the customer care would not activate a iphone data plan on your account, neither they will tell me where I can contact the so called “telecom manager” duh!!!!!

  • SU

    I also experienced this, dramatically this morning, when I was woken up by my Blackberry going bonkers. AT&T sent me 2 text messages and 4 emails simultaneously (great way to wake me up) with the exact message above.

    The kicker? I switched away from the iPhone 3G months ago and although I still use it over WiFi I determined that I just wasn’t stable enough for me to use as a business device (Actvesync+Large Attachments+Thousands of Contacts+Robust Calendar=Crash Central on all builds from 2.0-2.1) and have been happily using a Blackberry ever since.

    So… imagine my surprise when I got the above communication blitz from AT&T. Concerned they might automatically switch my data plan I called customer service, and while both reps were extremely friendly, neither had ever heard of this happening before for someone who wasn’t actually using the iPhone. Since it had been months since I’d even had a SIM in the iPhone and their records confirmed this they were at a total loss regarding how to stop it, but added notes so if I ever do get overage charges or my plan automatically switched (which would kill my blackberry push email) then I’ll get a refund.

    I did learn there is something called an iPhone billing code on my plan though and that neither the initial rep or the technical billing rep were able to remove it.

    My guess? AT&T is assuming a 0% switch away from the iPhone and if you change devices you can expect to be bugged about the iPhone until the day you switch away from AT&T.