IPhone 3G with lost Camera Icon

By , Sep 20, 2008

My phone seems to have lost it’s camera icon. I have the icon for the photo album still and the rest of the defaults but the camera one is MIA.

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  • Sonya Llanas

    I have this same issue with my brand new iphone of 3 weeks I some how lost my camera icon. How do I get this back?

  • mark

    Same problem, no solution yet.

  • Beth

    Same problem with the photo icon on my iTouch

  • Jimmie

    I have got the same problem several months ago. Today I got an answer from another blog-

    Maybe you have disabled the camera access in the settings you just need to enable the camera restriction in iphone. To do that go to Settings->General->Restrictions to make sure camera access is enabled.

    I got mine fixed.

    • LYNNIE


    • Heidi White

      Jimmy u r a genius! Thank u! I lost my icon on my ipad 2. Your suggestion helped!

  • Terry Deckard

    Are you using Exchange Server for an email account? If so try turning off SSL and see if the camera icon comes back.

  • Elwis

    Thanks Terry! This was the case in my phone. Once I added the email account that uses exchange server with SSL the camera icon disappeared and I got it back when I turned off the SSL.

  • Louise

    Have same problem no camera on i phone . Have tried all suggestions, no solution

  • Sami

    To restore your home screen icons to their default placement, simply go to Settings, General, Reset. Once you get to Reset you will see “Reset Home Screen Layout” just click and they will magically re-arrange back. It won’t delete your apps that you have downloaded just rearranges your original plus apps are set in alphabetical order…. It worked for me!

    • Elaine

      Thanks Sami, reset home screen worked for me too!!! Wow.

    • http://yahoo naja

      thanks sami it really worked

    • Bunet So

      Now I do the same you say but my phone stop work. How can I do it.

  • zoe

    thanks sami restoring home screen layout worked yay!! :o)

  • SuperC1

    Restore home screen layout will fix it for you, then you can put your icons back in folders once it returns.

  • Lola

    Thanks Sami, it worked!!!

  • vaibhav

    thanks it gt workd by goin 2 settings-general-restrictions-enabling camera.,

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Reba-Brouillard/100001637972584 Reba Brouillard

      thanks this is what i needed

  • http://www.facebook.com/gary.neild Gary Neild

    Thanks Sami
    I have the Iphone 4s it worked as well thank you