Later today I posted the QuickPwn 2.1 tutorial and I was reminded by a commenter that this type of tutorial is only good if you’re already on an “up-to-date iPhone”, meaning that in this case, this tutorial is only good if you already have 2.1 running.

Now what happens if you are still running on an older firmware, let’s say 2.0? Well, if you hit this Restore button, you will lose all your Cydia apps and cool customizations. Do you really want that? Of course not.

As highlighted by BigBoss, you never want to upgrade on a jailbroken iPhone. If you upgrade, you will lose about 500MB of space. If you do that again on the other update, you will lose another 500MB, and so on. This space will only be recovered after a restore. The data loss is because Cydia moves your files around to free up space. The moved files become inaccessible but stay on your disk which means you essentially just lose the space.

To prevent this from happening, simply restore! Do not upgrade! Follow these few steps to upgrade from 2.X to 2.1 without losing any of your apps.

  1. If you haven’t yet, upgrade your iTunes to iTunes 8. You can find the direct link from our iPhone Downloads section.
  2. Install AptBackup from Cydia and run it. It will backup all your apps and put them in a location that will be backed up by iTunes in the next step.
  3. Sync/backup your iPhone with iTunes. Do the full on backup. Yes, I know, it’s probably gonna take a while but you have to.
  4. Restore. Just click “Restore” in iTunes and let iTunes put the latest firmware on your iPhone. Again, this might take some time but be patient.
  5. If you are a legit iPhone user, meaning that you have a legit AT&T contract, activate your iPhone with iTunes. If you are an “unlocker” (this is for iPhone 2G users), you will see the “slide for emergency” message. Do not do anything else. Do not restore your backup yet. Simply unplug your iPhone.
  6. Now let’s jailbreak the phone. Again, do not restore your backup yet! To jailbreak your iPhone, use QuickPwn by following this QuickPwn tutorial for Windows and this QuickPwn for Mac guide.
  7. Once your iPhone is jailbroken, go to Cydia and install AptBackup again. It is the most important step so don’t fuck it up! Again, go to Cydia and install AptBackup. Also install Open SSH and BossPrefs.
  8. Ok, now we can restore the backup. So plug your iPhone in and iTunes will ask you to set up as a new phone or restore from backup. Restore from your latest backup.
  9. If everything goes fine, iTunes will restore all your stuff, such as notes, photos, email accounts, etc… Now we have to restore your Cydia apps. Open AptBackup and tap “Restore”. It should reinstall all your apps from Cydia. AptBackup may not be visible. To see it, just open BossPrefs, and look it up in the “hidden icons” section. Tap it to unhide it. You may also unhide any other hidden icons.
  10. Done!

I would like to thank BigBoss for showing me the way, although he doesn’t know… Bigups to the B O S S, aka BigBoss.

  • Mk12

    For anyone with the same concern I had, I figured out what to do. Do a If you had same concern as me, here: backup in the aptbackup application, then ssh the three files (two .tgz and one .txt) that have the word aptbackup in them onto your computer (from the folder /var/mobile/library/preferences). Then when your iPhone gets messed up, restore, set up as new iPod, jailbreak, ssh files back on, get aptbackup from cydia, restore yor apps. If you don’t want to lose notes/contacts/etc., when you sync your iPhone, go to info tab in iTunes and sync you calender, your contacts, whatever.

  • roney


    I want to upgrade my 1st gen 1.1.4 version, 04.04.05 G firmware iphone. I havent synced my phone with itunes since i first jailbroke it with zibri….mainly bc i was afraid something would go wrong. I have no idea where i have a 2G or not. I recently got a new computer and would like to update this phone. As of now i have Installer, Cydia, OpenSSH, and BSD Subsystem on my phone. A few days ago i tried to install things from installer and nothing would work which leads to me wanting to update. My questions are below:

    1. should I download itunes 8.0?
    2. Can i use the app store?
    3. Do i use the process that sebastian explained above?

    Basically I need all the help I can get. Thank you guys for the help!


  • jayachanadran

    Hi, sebastien,
    I got 2g iphone its jailbroken, i’ve upgraded to 3.0 os, its working perfectly, its 2 year old phone, after 3.0 os instalation the phone started to loose too much battery life, all of a sudden the battery come to red. Is it normal, and one important thing, after 3.0 os installation my iphone not connecting to itunes, i have downloaded recent version of itunes, even then its not syncing to itunes, what should i do?
    tell me please



    • iPhoneTech3

      You did it yourself. It’s funny how people who don’t know how to do it mess up and blame it on the ones trying to help. I feel sorry for you

  • Hey Roxas, can’t you read? First paragraph, it says pretty clearly that “this tutorial is only good if you already have 2.1 running.”

    Besides, I haven’t heard the term “bricking” an iPhone or iTouch for 2 years. It’s virtually impossible to brick an iDevice these days.

    If you hadn’t been such a dick about it, I would have helped you figure out what to do. LUCKY THIS STORY NEVER HAPPENED as you say…


  • nick

    do you have to hit backup in aptbackup before because if you do it is all your fault that i cannot access websheet

  • nick

    hey man to “unbrick” it put it in DFU mode and restore it then

  • Felipe

    Hi Everybody,

    I have an unlocked 2G iPhone and need to UPDATE my firmware FROM 1.1.4. to 3.1.3 (or any version that will let me run iTunes store purchased apps)

    I run iTunes 9 and when I plug in my iPhone I do not see the APPLICATIONS, so the app that I purchased from the iTunes store cannot be installed on my iPhone. I don’t know what to do.

    I don’t have any extra apps in my iPhone so I don’t mind wiping it out and re-synching it. What I’m afraid of it not being able to use the phone.

    Does anybody know what I should do?

    Many thanks.


  • taliesin

    get redsn0w, its an all in 1 jailbreak and unlock. then upgrade to 3.1.2 make sure you have downloaded the 3.9 & 4.6 basebands and 3.1.2 firmware pack, put those in the same location (ie. a folder on your desktop) if you need a guide on how use redsn0w go to and click the wikee link there or you can go to there are guides there also

  • Felipe

    Thank you, taliesin.

  • F((k face


  • Darnell

    I have a unlock and jailbroken iPhone 2g and I have 3.1.2 software I want to update but I’m not sure what will happen can anyone help me

  • Taliesin

    Darnell read my last post, follow the link for the info on a 2G

  • Emma

    Itunes wont let me restore my phone, it brings up an error message. Is there any other way I can restore it? It was already jailbroken when I bought it from the shop.

  • Taliesin

    you need to set your iphone to dfu mode, DFU (Device Firmware Upgrade) mode is not the same as restore mode. DFU mode bypasses the current OS installed and allows you to upgrade or downgrade your OS
    . If you are getting errors trying to restore in iTunes, DFU mode is very likely for you.

    DFU mode is not recovery mode. Recovery mode has a picture that says connect to iTunes. In DFU mode, the iPhone screen backlight is not even on and the display is blank. If you have anything on your display you are not in DFU mode.

    This is how to achieve DFU mode. You can do it on every phone:

    Method 1)

    * Attach the phone to the pc
    * Turn the phone off
    * Hold power and home together for *exactly* 10 seconds
    * Release power but keep holding home until the pc beeps as a USB device is recognized.
    * At no point will the display come on. Now your restore should work.

    Having problems? Try adjusting the 10 seconds to be slightly less like 9 seconds, then 8, then 7. It’s a tricky timing but you will eventually get it.

    Method 2)

    * Hook up the phone powered on to the PC
    * Now hold home / power until the phone turns off and keep holding for 10 seconds. If the phone ever turns on during this phase,start over and hold for less time.
    * Now release power and continue holding home until the PC recognizes the phone.
    * I don’t like this method as much because there are “rumors” that it may cause some 1604 errors in the restore. I am not convinced of that though.

    Method 3)

    * Attach the phone to the pc
    * Turn the phone off
    * Press and hold power. Keep holding power. As soon as you see display on the screen of any sort press and hold home.
    * Hold power and home together for *exactly* 10 seconds
    * Release power but keep holding home until the pc beeps as a USB device is recognized.
    * At no point will the display come on. Now your restore should work. has guides on how to JB or post here if you need anymore help

  • Emma

    Thanks for your help. I managed to do this using method 1 but still got the error message. I have now found out that it’s because I needed to download the latest itunes software. Oops!

  • narudilip

    i have a iphone with firmware 1.1.4 my screen gets frequently off is this because of a battery problem or anything else and another question how to upgrade my phone to firmware 3 plzzz tell me

  • narudilip

    i face the problem of my screen getting off mainly during messaging

  • Taliesin

    Naru if you look at one of my earlier comments (april 11, 2010), you’ll see basic info on how to upgrade a 2G (which i assume have if you have 1.1.4 firmware)

  • Nitro

    Hello guys i have a ipod touch 4.2.1 jailbreak… my cydia is working fine, then after a while, cydia ask permission to upgrade some applications… would this be ok? im thinking if it upgrades, my applications from its previous state like games and other apps won’t work after the upgrade.

  • korei21

    i have iphone version 3.0 (jailbroken). i want to upgrade it to 3.1.3 or something higher.. do i have to jailbreak it again? can i upgrade my iphone without removing its jailbroken property?

    please post step by step procedure. as i am a beginner…

    thanks guys.

  • dnzcsr

    I updated my jailbreaked iphone and its locked can someone tell me how to unlock it

  • Taliesin

    can you give more info than that like which firmware you upgraded to, what phone you have (2G, 3G, iPhone 4)