iPhone fix to “Unable to Download Application” error

By , Sep 3, 2008

Have you ever had this error message on your iPhone while trying to download an application or a game: Unable to download application.

There is a pretty easy fix for this and here is how it works:

Simply double tap the icon of the application that gives you trouble and wait for a few seconds. It should then be available.

If it does not work, the problem may also be that the app didn’t get downloaded completely. So, remove it and try downloading it again. I found it much better to download app over wifi, rather than 3G.

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  • It doesn’t wotk

  • Buddyman

    This doesn’t work. Particularly with new apps

  • I found a fix that worked for me, not sure if it would work for everyone else but I had a permissions problem. Here is a link explaining what I did to fix my issue.


  • Alex

    asks me to long onto itune store on the computer, still doesnt work even when i do :/ keeps popping up constantly as well!

  • thank YOU! I was going crazy until I read this….omgoodness

  • ALI

    thanks a lot.. it work for me at my iphone 4..

  • Brandon

    it didn’t work