How to jailbreak 3G iPhone? How to unlock an iPhone 2G? These are 2 questions that will find an answer in the next few paragraphs. Believe it or not but it is illegal to jailbreak or unlock your iPhone but more importantly, it voids your warranty. Basically, you are unlocking/jailbreaking your iPhone at your own risk.

One last thing before we start…. Please do not complain to me if you have problems or if you have to restore several times. I am providing this WinPwn tutorial without any guarantee. I mean, I know it works and I know if you do everything I tell you, you won’t have any problem. But I hate receiving insulting emails telling me what a jackass I am (I already know that, haha). If you’re having issues, please post in the comments and I will do my best to answer your questions. Any insulting comment will be deleted.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: There is a confirmed bug with WinPwn 2.5 that can cause the WinPwn application to crash during the creation of your IPSW. Some users are finding that increasing the partition size to 700MB will resolve the issue. To specify the root size partition click the “Expert Mode” button before starting the tutorial. You will be asked to resize the partition before the IPSW starts building.

UPDATE 2: A new version of WinPwn (WinPwn is now available and fixes bugs such as crashes. Go to our iPhone Downloads section to download WinPwn

Ok, so let’s learn how to jailbreak or unlock an iPhone (note that unlock is only available for iPhone 2G so far).

  1. Download WinPwn 2.5 from our iPhone Downloads section. make sure you have iTunes 7.7 or upper. Download bootloaders 3.9 and 4.6 if you want to unlock your iPhone 3G.
  2. Open WinPwn 2.5. You will need the .net framework installed on your PC. It is most likely already here but if WinPwn 2.5 crashes, go to Microsoft website and download the .net framework.
  3. Leave the “Basic Mode” on. Choose your device.
  4. Select the green thumb up if you are using an official carrier like AT&T. If not, select the red thumb down. The red thumbs down will unlock and activate while the green will not. Answer the rest of the questions WinPwn will ask you. They are pretty simple.
  5. Select if you want to use a custom logo or not. For the purpose of this tutorial, we will use a custom logo.
  6. Select your firmware.
  7. Select the logo you want. Click the “Browse” button should you want to go online find more logos.
  8. If you are on an approved carrier such as AT&T in the US, skip to the next step. Otherwise, you will have a message saying: “Could not find BL-39.bin! Do you want to search for the file?” Click the green thumb to find the file that you downloaded in step 1.
  9. Your custom firmware will be built, which should take a little while.
  10. Once your custom ipsw firmware has been built, WinPwn 2.5 will ask you if you want to see instructions on putting your iPhone into DFU Mode. Click the green thumbs up button for yes or the red thumbs down button for no. For this tutorial, we will assume you want to see instructions.
  11. WinPwn will then prompt you to connect your iPhone via USB and make sure it’s turned off. Do this then click the green thumbs up button. WinPwn will then say its ready to start Pwnage. Click the green OK button.
  12. Follow the steps to get your iPhone into DFU mode.
  13. Once you iPhone is in DFU mode WinPwn will begin the pwnage process. You will be informed when pwnage is complete. Notice that your iPhone will display a “Ready to restore Custom IPSW” message.
  14. iTunes will now prompt you that you are in recovery mode. Hold down SHIFT and click the Restore button in iTunes. Select the Custom firmware file we created using WinPwn.
  15. Your iPhone will now be restored to the jailbroken 2.0.x firmware of your choice!


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  • Andy

    This doesn’t work on my Vista Ultimate machine. I’m trying to unlock & pwn a iPhone 2G firmware 2.02.
    I downloaded the 2 bootloaders and saved them to the C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\cmw\winpwn 2.5 BETA\\TEMP\Bootloaders.
    Then I run the wizard in Basic mode, get as far as selecting the bootloader BL-46.bin. The 2 bootloaders are accepted, then immediately vanish. Then there is an error saying ‘Error, could not find the file …. BL-39.bin. Application will close.’ I click OK and winpwn shuts down.

  • Andy

    After further testing, it seems no matter where I place the bootloaders, the action is the same. Winpwn 2.5 deletes them then immediately flashes an error about being unable to find them.

  • @Andy – I just added an update to the guide. Apparently some people are having crashing issues. Look at the update I just wrote and try it out. Hopefully that will fix your problems. Also try creating a folder on your desktop and call it Pwnage. Download the files in there. Tell me how it goes

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  • WinPwn was updated
    This update fixes crashes.

  • sefgsefdg

    ok i unlocked my iphone with this, but t-mobile still does not work, wtf

  • sefgsefdg

    im sorry,this does not make sense, the only thing winpwn did was put cydia on it, and i cant even use it, how useless, it did not even put on my custom pics

  • j0k3st@r

    I have a quick question. I did all the steps and the iTunes adds the restore software but gets stuck on “verifying iPhone software” I tried to start all over again and create a new file but it gets stuck at the same point. Is this happening to anyone else? Any help would be appreciated. I’m using a 2G iphone with 2.0.2 firmare if this helps. Thanks in advance

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  • Kevin

    Hi, thanks for the unlock software. It worked! But now I don’t seem to be able to make a connection to my Mobile Phone Provider. It doesn’t seem to have a network connection. Has anybody else the same problem? Let me know…

  • @Kevin – You probably selected activation during the process. You need iTunes to activate your iphone. Redo the steps, and assuming you are using an official carrier (by this I mean, you did not unlock your iphone to use it with a non-approved phone provider), DO NOT select “activate”. This “activate” feature is only good if you are unlocking your iPhone to use it with a non-approved phone provider.

  • Peggy

    hey i just tried jailbreaking my iphone but i cant even use it anymore.
    when i turn it on it sais that i need to insert a sim card and all i can do is make emergancy calls. my phone is not yet unlocked but i cant even use the ipod anymore.


  • Minh

    hey im getting this message “idevice/windows.c:LoadWindowsDLL:234: failed to load AMRecoveryModeDeviceSetAutoBoot
    Failed to load iTunes Mobile Device driver!
    Quickpwn finished, cleanup return:-100”

    i don’t know why either. can anyone help?

  • rob

    Minh try upating your itunes to 8 thats what i had 2 do for it to work… finally i get it to work but then it freezes at the white screen and crashes any ideas?

  • Minh

    Rob – I think i do have itunes 8. but im not for sure about the white screen. if i was you, i would just restore the iphone and redo the whole process. but yeahs

  • John

    I have successful in DFU mode, but winpwn crash at the pwnage process (step 13 above). Please help.

  • Joey

    If you need Help with installing 2.0.2 software in ur Iphone and ur using winpwn 2.5 beta 2 and it keeps crashing when staring DFU mode and the pwnage process hit me up on my AIM account I’ll be glad to walk you through it and helping you upgrade to the 2.1 after that

    AIM screen name is: xxzeroknightxx

  • Peshi

    Dear Sebastian,

    Problem No. 1. – Have Screen showing Connect ITune.
    1. Here we dont have AT&T service.
    2. I want to use for other network.
    3. Pls guide me through.

    Problem No. 2. – Can only make emergency calls.
    1. Here we dont have AT&T service.
    2. I want to use for other network.
    3. Pls guide me through.

    Yes I have several IPhone (3G)

    Pls help!!!


  • @Peshi – there is no way to unlock the iphone 3g so far

  • Pete100

    I get the same problem as Minh – see below. Does anyone know a solution? I did wonder if it was because C: was not my hard drive name?

    Please help,


    11. Minh Says:
    September 17th, 2008 at 2:47 pm
    hey im getting this message “idevice/windows.c:LoadWindowsDLL:234: failed to load AMRecoveryModeDeviceSetAutoBoot
    Failed to load iTunes Mobile Device driver!
    Quickpwn finished, cleanup return:-100″

  • Jim

    My WinPwn 2.5-2 still crash on me. Anyone know a way to fix that? Greatly appreciated. Also, people that comes here do not live in the States, that is why we want to hack the iphone for other network usage.

  • Hello Jim,

    Have you given a try at QuickPwn – see my tutorial?

    I find it much more reliable than Winpwn…


  • Jim,

    There is no way to unlock the iPhone 3G so far using software. The only way to unlock an iPhone 3G is using something like SimLock but I would not recommend it.

    The method I referred to in my previous comment will jailbreak and unlock and iPhone 2G but it will only jailbreak the 3G.

    Hope that helps.


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  • Filli

    @ Sabastian…. I think u r daft or smtin……..dnt u get it!!!!!!!!!!!?????

    Winpwn 2.5 jailbreaks iphone 2g but does not unlock the Sim in quick pwnage mode…… but crashes in expert mode wen pwning the phone……geeeezzzzzzzzzz…

    All we need is a solution…… n u r sayin d same tin ova n ova again….

    Did it occur to you dat… in quick pwn mode u dnt have the Unlocking option?
    but in expert mode u do????

    Come on dude… if u cant help jus close this forum…. we aint fools u no!!!

  • @Filli – where do you think you are? We’re not in the hood, buddy. And while I don’t expect anyone to write proper English, I do expect not having to spend 10 minutes trying to figure out what the hell you’re writing.

    I have no clue what you’re talking about and I’m kinda offended by the way you’re talking to me. I never said or thought you guys were fools. I also never said I had the answers to every problems you can encounter when jailbreaking/unlocking. Read the second paragraph of this post and I clearly say that there is no guarantee.

    So instead of complaining, be useful and help others. And if you’re not happy with this blog, go to Engadget or something.


  • Filli

    Sori i hurt yo feelin’s dude… didnt min 4 it 2 cum out dat way…. n-e-wyz.. i got an alternative software dat unlocked n jailbreak me iphone 2g 2.0.2 firmware…

    didnt min 2 b rudemen… wz frustrated… but now if gud……. l8r dude

  • Stuarty

    How long should it take to restore the custom IPSW? Mines is either taking an age or has hung.

  • priyank

    I have win xp with itunes 8, latest version of winpwn, ( have tried updating it) , when i try pwning it
    iphone enters dfu mode and then winpwn crashes , windows says “unexpected error, should window send a report”
    i tried many times but got the same error
    please help

  • Chef

    Im having a problem with the software that I don’t see anywhere else.

    When I load up WinPwn, the first screen is the I Phone, the I Pod Touch and the IPhone 3G. I can click on them – although i have to click slightly to the right of the image.

    The next screen asks to slect the firmware, again I can dothis but the images are to the left.

    Beyond that, any images to click (thumbs up or down) are not in the window so I can’t select them. I have hovered the cursor all over the window but cannot find them anywhere and they are not visable at all.

    I have adjusted the display settings and I can’t even make the window full screen. Does anyone else have this problem?

  • idris

    i need help …. i fhinshed unlockin it but not activating it plz help me find out how to activate my sim (not AT&T) i have the iphone workin without network -_-

  • Zee

    @Filli …man, which program did u use to unlock iphone 2g 2.0.2 ?? Did it work properly?

  • nash

    i tried to use 2.5 to unlock and jail break my 2g i phone and it says plz wait while its been jail broken but its been long time and my phone screen says ipwned it looks likes frozen any suggestion guys or is my iphone screwed

  • solution

    NOT 8 OR 7.6 OR 7.9 BUT 7.7. IT WORKS! i promise!

  • Isa

    My winpwn crashed too towards the end but then ignored it and let itunes finished restoring the newly built .ipsw am now at the part where it flashed the baseband. So far looks promising. Now unlocked and can see the good stuff (i.e. app store & cydia)

    Thanks a ton Sebastian. Made unlocking and jailbreaking flawless.

  • danny

    hi guys, youve really helped me with trying to unlock my 2gphone, ive followed all the steps and downloaded everything i need, including itunes 7.7 but once it has completed the restore after the custom ipsw is built the phone turns on and still saysno service. ive tried a couple of times doing the same thing but no luck. im currently doing the restore in expert mode, saying i want to unlock and activate the phone to see if that works but was wondering if there is anything else i can do…? many thanks you guys are great

  • Harley

    Winpwn fails at every attempt for me. As soon as we complete the power/home button press, it gets a windows error and must shut down.
    I have netframework 3.5

  • byron

    it says error 1310 the white screen pops up after dfu mode den i just went to itunes shift restore den after dat error 1310 helpp!!!

  • TheHermit

    Well i was having problems as well with my 2g iphone upgrading from 1.14 to 2.02, using itunes 8, win XP SP3 and winpwn 2.5 problem was it just wouldnt enter DFU mode so i set a restore on my main machine. then switched to my other pc which didnt have any itunes stuff at all.
    installed itunes 7.7
    installed winpawn 2.5 beta
    ran winpwn as per the guide
    it worked a treat yay
    then just plugged back in to my old computer and restored the contacts etc.

    dont know if this will help but you never know

  • Christina

    You are so AWESOME…i had been working trrying to unlock/jailbreak this iphone for over a week spending hours every day..i tried ur program as a last try thing and success!!!! and on t-mobile too….thanks a million

  • Nebukadneza


    Is so frustrating.It does not work for me.
    New winpwn version crashes like the old one shortly after my iphone is come to the dfu modus.

  • Patrick

    How long does the Pwnage take to complete? If this works i will be exctatic.. i’m activating a Iphone 2G model that was on 1.1.3 but upgraded to 2.1.1 and need to unlock the Sim card for my network here in Kenya!

  • Patrick

    Also it seems i cant use QuickPwn within a virtual environment… Help!

  • Patrick

    It worked like a charm!!!!!! Thank you very much!!!!!

  • Nick

    If i just updated my iphone 2G to 3.0 can i still jailbrake it using the steps you provided?? Im getting the 3GS so i figured why not try to play around with my 2G and jailbrake it. i’ve never attempted to jailbrake my phone so i hope i dont F up anything!

  • Michael E

    Just curious. If I unlock my iphone using pwnge, can I update the firmware and it still remain unlocked for use with t-mobile?


  • Angel

    After custom ipsw firmware has been built, the program simply close. no question appears. nothing. what can i do?.. Help PLs.. iphone 2g.. according the 10th step should ask me “if I want to see instructions on putting your iPhone into DFU Mode. ” BUT NOTHING PLS HELP

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