[digg-me]How to use QuickPwn Mac OS X to jailbreak the iPhone? This is a very good question that will find answer in the new few paragraphs. Before we start, I want to make it clear that QuickPwn for Mac OS X does not activate; it just pawns firmware 2.0.2 (at least to this date).

Another thing I would like to add is that you are pawning your iPhone at your own risk and it will void Apple’s warranty. It is also worth noting that pawning your iPhone is illegal. I know, it’s your phone, you should be able to do whatever you do with it but it still illegal. Ok, let’s go.

QuickPwn Mac OS X Guide:

Before starting: your iPhone must be on firmware 2.0.2.

  1. Download QuickPwn Mac OS X from here or from our iPhone Downloads section. Also download the 2.0.2 firmware for your iPhone and place it in your DOCUMENTS folder. It is very important you put it there as QuickPwn will automatically look for it at this location.
  2. Open QuickPwn and click OK to the warning.
  3. The next few steps are all automated, you pretty much have nothing to do but sit and relax. QuickPwn will ask you to connect your iPhone. Do so and click OK.
  4. QuickPwn will then automatically detect your device.
  5. Then QuickPwn will automatically build the custom firmware for you. It should say “Building IPSW”.
  6. It will then ask for your password. Enter it.
  7. OK, now is the part where you actually work a little bit… Follow the onscreen instructions to put your iPhone into DFU mode.
  8. Wait for QuickPwn to pawn your iPhone.
  9. Then you will get a message telling you that “QuickPwn is modifying your device”.
  10. Click OK and you will get a cute success message (you’ll see what I mean).
  11. This process may take a few minutes and your iPhone will reboot automatically.
  12. Done!

So, wasn’t that hard, was it? Please leave comments.

  • tam

    Just tried it, got stuck on the pineapple symbol that appears after it tries to restart. Nothing fixes it. Had to restore to original firmware.
    Pain in the ass.
    But assuming this a problem with my phone or something anomalous, great stuff on the new QuickPwn!

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  • Hoschijan

    Same problem here. I just used Quick Pwn Mac on my iPhone. Everything went through but now I am stuck at the pineapple reebot screen. The funny thing is that the phone vibrates from time to time, but the pineapple stays on the screen and I can not interact.

    I will probably have to restore in the evening. One should not try to quickly pwn an iPhone before going to work 😉

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  • Bishan

    I want to know how to UNLOCK an iPhone 2.1 with QuickPwn ON A MAC!!!
    Can anyone HELP!

  • chris

    i need help…… for some reason when i try to open quickpwn it doesn’t do anything…….. all it does is show me my itunes screen ………. whats the problem?

  • Karan

    After following the instructions to reboot Touch in DFU mode.. quickpwn shows the status .. “quickpwn is about to run on your ipod touch “.. nothing else happens …

  • Hello Karan,

    I had the same problem. Simply start the process over again.


  • Karan

    Thanks Sebastien,
    but i am facing the same problem over and over again. Thankfully the process isnt starting even to render my touch bricked..

  • P

    Karan (and whoever runs into the same problem), I think Sebastian means to repeat the DFU-process (Home+PWR for ten secs, release PWR, keeping Home pressed for 10 more secs). I had to do it twice to actually get the uploading to happen. (I’m now waiting for the device to reboot, keeping my fingers crossed!)

  • +1 on the advice from P: if you are stuck on the “quickpwn is about to run on your iPod Touch” message, simply repeat the steps to put your Touch into DFU mode. You won’t get any visual indication from the Touch, but after a brief delay you should see a progress bar appear in QuickPwn.

  • _|_


  • fizzy

    i continue to put the phone into DFU mode but no progress on the screen that says quickpwn is going to run on your iphone… any ideas? i also tried restarting the entire process over

  • raleigh

    hey im having the same problem. (gets stuck on the progress screen). I just tried putting the ipod into DFU mode again while stuck at the progress screen but this did not help. However, this might have something to do with it. When finally release the home button as it tells me to do to enter DFU mode, itunes randomly opens up, says “waiting for ipod” then says “An ipod has been detected, it could not be identified properly. Please disconnect and reconnect the ipod, then try again. An unknown error occured (2001)” a OK button. So i quit itunes and hope that quickpwn will still work. It doesn’t. And when i try to enter DFU mode again while at the progress screen, its does the same thing (opens itunes).

    I don’t know what to do. I thought pwning my touch would be easy. I guess not. Any help would be welcome.


  • Semi

    With newer OSX most people need to put USB HUB between MAC and iPhone. I had same “2001” problems before, but with hub everything works just fine.

  • kram

    Second Semi’s comment. Putting the hub in between solved all my problems! Thanks!!!

  • tracy

    thirding the USB hub suggestion. i also keep having the same errors, then i ran it through the hub and it worked perfectly!

    thanks for the walkthrough. 🙂

  • karan

    is there no other way without the USB HUB

  • quone

    10.5.6 will not let your device go into DFU mode…

  • Ben

    hey i really need help, i have the “2001” problem and have looked everywhere for help on it. Sadly ive found nothing though when u say put the USB HUB between mac and iPodtouch that means just connect it from my mac itself into my ipod. I tried that still didnt work, i also tried putting it into DFU mode again and again but still itunes opened and the DFU error happened. I really want my ipod jailbroken 🙁 help plz!!

  • Logan Cooke

    Let me make it known that PWNing is against apples terms of service but IS IN NO WAY ILLEGAL. You are breaking no laws. Just a contract of service.

  • Ricky Starling

    Semi OMG I could kiss you! lol

  • Andrew

    I got an iphone 2g with the 2.2 firmware the phone was updated and restored on itunes before it was given to me can I still unlock the phone?

  • este

    i have already make all the steps but quickpwn shows me this:
    quickpwn is about to to run on your iPodTouch

  • Avi

    the USB HUB method works great but there is another way. read the QuickPWN Dev Team blog post: http://blog.iphone-dev.org/post/74278878/close-the-stable-door

  • someone

    i have an ipod touch first gen
    after it goes through the ordeal of getting it into dfu mode and it installes everything, it has a blank white screen for about ten min then goes black, no pineapple or anything,
    plz help

  • q-ball

    I’m trying to unlock on iphone 2G running 2.2.1 (modem firmware 04.05.04) from OSX10.5.5

    I followed the instructions, everything went fine, but it’s only jail broken, not unlocked. Nor was there ever the option to unlock – quickpwn just did it’s thing with out asking me if I wanted it to unlock. Anyone with a solution?

  • Jro

    Hi. What would happen if my iphone is bricked? I mean I can’t even turn it off. Therefore, I can’t unlock it using this system. Any Ideas? Thanks.


  • Javier

    it wont detect my device what can i do?