T-Mobile just changed their IP address for T-Zones, causing all hacked iPhones using T-Zones to stop working. BigBoss was on it right away by releasing an update to TZones Hack in a matter of hours.

The upgrade is available in Cydia and only works with iPhone firmware 2.0+. This means if you’re still on 1.1.4, well, it’s time to upgrade or:

you can fix proxy.pac yourself but editing the file /var/preferences/proxy.pac and changing “″ to “″. (The 2.0 version is a bit more flexible allowing addresses from both 10.* and 25.* to both be covered.

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, T-Mobile has a $6 data plan called T-Zones. You can use this plan if you’re on a jailbroken iPhone, instead of paying the usual $20 from AT&T. This is obviously again T-Mobile’s TOS so you may do this at your own risks…

How to use T-Zones on your unlocked iPhone?

  1. Subscribe to T-Zones
  2. Install TZones Hack available in Cydia
  3. Restart your phone
  4. If does not work, verify your EDGE settings in Settings > General > Network, EDGE to be APN: wap.voicestream.com. Username and Password should be blank

Thanks Boss

  • d

    anyone experiencing this? i have the t-zones hack installed on the 2nd gen iphone, jailbroken and unlocked. wap.voicestream.com was working for a while (i have t-zones plan) but a lot of Apple Apps weren’t working (twitterific, etc). then about three weeks ago i saw this forum, changed my APN to epc.tomobile.com and everything still worked and all those apps that were previously not working DID work.

    then about a week ago all internet connection stopped working, and ever since i can’t get the connection to work with either APN. i’ve rebooted for each APN, tried everything.

    did something change over at t-mobile?

  • Brian

    using a 3g iphone running 2.2.1 with a turbosim. have the 10 dollar data plan and it stopped working. called t-mobile customer service and the tec guy had me put the sim card in a t-mobile phone and access t-zones to look at a wallpaper or something, to refresh the sim card. sounds kookey but it did work.

  • anand shah

    hey Brian thanks a lot man, it worked great, if the T-Zones goes out, do what is written above and it works great.

  • Jim

    Mike…. I had the same problem as you with not being allowed to change my APN settings. I just found this website that you open via your iPhone browser. It worked great for me & now I’m back up on Edge using T-Zones only.


    If you want step by step instructions go here…

    Good Luck!

  • Milen

    Kinda of dumb question but i do not have the Tzone hack in cydia. Do i need to add some source??


  • Milen

    Kinda of dumb question but do i not have the Tzone hack in cydia. Do i need to add some other source??


  • Tiffany

    Hi. I am a BRAND NEW iPhone user. I have T-Mobile. I have a factory unlocked iPhone and want to use the T-Zones plan instead of the $19.99 internet add on plan. Do I still need to jailbreak my phone for this to work or should it be fine because it is factory unlocked?

  • Carlos

    <i have a question, i do have unlocked and working perfectly fine my iphone 8g 2 generation with T Zones, but I heard the new update for the iphone, allows to copy, paste, and some network improvements. So how SAFE IS TO DO THE UPGRADED FROM 2.1 VERSION




  • Nate

    What about if you have a new Iphone 3Gs, right now I use the 19.99 plan ( it never says 3Gs ) but it is quick, can I switch to the 9.99 web to go plan and will my internet work as fast?thanks for any info

  • t-zones for free

    Guys, I have a iPhone 2g, running 3.1.2, on a pre-paid tmobile sim. I tried to check if epc.tmobile.com would give me free t-zone, it didnt! And now my wifi wont work. I’ve restarted my phone, reset network settings, reset all settings. Nothing works. I can not get into any wifi network.

    If anyone can help me with the problem, I will show you how to get tzones for free if you have a prepaid tmobile sim.

    Or if you have a post paid sim, I can show you how to get espn.com for free.

    • Anon

      How about try and reboot to factory setting
      I’m also looking for free t zone cause I run on prepaid and I want Internet anywhere and it is possible with a t mobile phone that has the Internet called tzone but I’m o the iPhone so thanks if u can tell me where to get free tzone

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