Take CONTROL of what you EAT today! This iPhone/iPod Touch application lets you QUICKLY & EASILY access 450+ FOOD ADDITIVES. AVOID those additives that can potentially be DANGEROUS to your HEALTH. PERFECT for those at RISK, the HEALTH CONSCIOUS, PARENTS, VEGETARIANS, VEGANS & people on RELIGIOUS based DIETS. FOOD ADDITIVES may have revolutionised the mass production of the food that we eat… but at what COST to your health?

MANY food additives have proven to cause a whole range of potentially SERIOUS health risks, that include: – Allergies & skin reactions
– Asthma & breathing difficulties
– Baby & infant development
– Digestive upsets – Eye damage & effects
– Genetic DNA mutations
– Histamine inhibitors
– Hyperactivity in children
– Migraines & headaches
– Tumors / carcinogens
– Salicylate sensitivity
– Vitamin deficiency effects Not every food additive is harmful, but the many that are can now be EASILY AVOIDED, with this convenient iPhone/iPod Touch pocket guide without the need of an internet connection, as the data is self contained within the application. – Listed & sorted by additive NAME
– Listed & sorted by additive NUMBER (International Numbering System)
– Listed by RISK TYPE (i.e. Dangerous, Unsafe, Unknown & Safe)
– Listed by SYMPTOM TYPE (i.e. Asthma, Tumors, Allergies, Digestive etc.)
– Listed by DIET TYPE (i.e. substance derived from Animal, Plant, Insect, Bacteria, Synthetic, Mineral etc.) ADDITIVE DETAILS REPRESENTED include; – Additive number (e.g. E150b), Main additive name and other names, – Substance origin (plant, synthetic, animal,mineral, fish, insect, bacteria etc)
– General use and function of the additive
– Food industry classes & uses (colouring agent, preservative, emulsifier, anti-caking agent etc.)
– Food products associated with the additive
– Known & potential side effects relating to the additive
– Maximum or adequate daily intake (ADI) of the additive
– Dietary restrictions (helpful for vegetarian, vegan & religion based diets)
– The countries the additive is currently unapproved as a food additive (currently Europe & Australian data) OTHER KEY FEATURES
– Icons for all SYMPTOM types (i.e. Asthma, Tumors, Allergies, Digestive etc.)
– Icons for all substance ORIGIN types (i.e. synthetic, mineral, fish animal based etc.) – Icons of COUNRY RESTRICTION flags (Europe & Australia).
– Each additive has a wikipedia internet link for even more detailed information (note: some links inactive).
– Fast, inbuilt database, so no internet required.
– Fancy layout, scrolling and 3D flip card between additive overview and details page.
– Only partial multilingual language* support inbuilt right now (labels, heading names etc). Switch between English (native), French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch & Japanese.

 COMING SOON though, FULL language* support (origin, function, product uses, side effect descriptions etc.). *Languages software translated 
from native English.