Category: Games
Released: Aug 12, 2008
Price: Free

Find your Zen, with this updated version of the classic tangram puzzle game! Tangrams have been challenging minds for centuries, with the deceptively simple goal of combining seven geometric pieces into a shape.

Choose a puzzle to solve, and try to fit all seven game pieces within the shaded puzzle area without overlapping. TanZen will recognize when the puzzle is finished.

– Large, intuitive touch controls
– Solve puzzles in any order
– Excellent replay value
– Variety of puzzle difficulties
– Puzzle memory keeps track of multiple, in progress, puzzles
– Pick up and play for two minutes, or two hours!

Please visit
or search for “TanZen iPhone” on YouTube for examples of ways to manipulate pieces.

This Lite version contains 9 puzzles. The full version has over 100 puzzles to solve!