Category: Education
Released: Aug 13, 2008
Price: $9.99

Master 10 Korean Words a Day

Rapidly build your vocabulary and perfect your pronunciation with MyWords, a completely new way to quickly memorize and retain new vocabulary. The fast pace at which you will learn new words, with proper pronunciation, will absolutely amaze your friends, colleagues, teachers and family. MyWords gives you the system and tools to master 10 words a day in just minutes.

What makes MyWords so effective?

The simple 3 step approach makes it easy to memorize and perfect the pronunciation of any word!

How does it work?

With MyWords, first, you hear audio of key vocabulary and phrases pronounced by a native speaker. Listen again and again until you’re comfortable with the word, then, repeat the word aloud using your iPhone to record your pronunciation. Finally, playback your recording and compare with the native speaker! You can then modify your pronunciation if necessary, and do it again. All the while, the word is there for you to see to help you memorize it.

Add difficult words to your own personalized word bank to review conveniently at a later time. Finally, challenge yourself with a matching quiz to ensure you’ve mastered the words.

MyWords turns your iPhone/iTouch into a powerful language learning tool that will empower you to:

-Memorize 10 words a day

-Drastically improve your pronunciation

-Master difficult words to review later in your own personalized Word Bank

-Challenge yourself with a Matching Quiz to boost retention

With MyWords, you get all of these benefits, plus it’s easy to use. Each day 10 new words are automatically downloaded. Fast, effective, and easy to use.

Finally, each word is carefully selected by a team of experts to provide you with high frequency words that you’re likely to use right away.

-Today’s Words: 10 essential words and phrases automatically updated daily (requires an internet connection).

-Review: side by side list of words and meanings

-Listen: Hear proper pronunciation by a native speaker.

-Perfect your Pronunciation: record yourself saying a word, and play it back for comparison with the native speaker. Perfect your pronunciation in minutes! (requires an iPhone)

-Matching Quiz: test your knowledge by matching all the words to their meanings. How fast can you match them all?

-Word Bank: master difficult or useful words with your personalized Word Bank by saving difficult or useful words w/ pronunciation to review every time you use iPhone or iTouch, even when you have no internet connection.