Category: Games
Released: Aug 12, 2008
Price: Free

Interactive Fiction at Your Fingertips

Burned out on all the new-fangled graphics and dazzling eye candy on your shiny new iPhone or iPod Touch?

Nostalgic for a simpler time?

Then take advantage of those crisp high-resolution fonts to relive the glory days of the Great Underground Empire, or play any of hundreds of great works from the Interactive Fiction archive.

Frotz lets you download and play free works of Interactive Fiction (a.k.a. text adventure games) on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Frotz plays games written in the Z-Machine format. This format was invented by Infocom and was used to produce classic text adventures from the 80s such as the Zork Trilogy, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and Trinity.

In the past decade, text adventures have experienced a renaissance thanks to a diverse Internet community of talented interactive fiction writers and fans. Many of these games are written using the same engine that powered Infocom’s titles, thanks to the Inform compiler and authoring system created by Graham Nelson.

Frotz includes several built-in games, and includes a web portal for downloading new ones from the Internet.