Category: News
Released: Aug 12, 2008
Price: $4.99

Diggerific is an app that provides the top stories from the social news website in a native application. Browse the front page stories, or delve deeper into each of the eight major categories. The app allows you to View pictures and comments natively, load the original story in Safari, and email links to friends.

We’ve read the comments… and we hear you. There are many other features and abilities that are in development and as soon as they’re available they’ll be released. You can be sure of it.

The update under review (damn this long review process) will bring with it a native in-app browser, as well as an (aspect ratio correct) native image viewer, complete with pinch and scroll.

Now we’ve gotten the message loud and clear (very clear) that the one things that would turn this 3.5-star app into a 5-star one is the interactivity of the original Digg site. You guys (and gals) want to be able to Digg, comment, and bury, and who can blame you?

Right now however, there is no way to do this using the legitimate Digg APIs, and quite frankly, we’re sad.

I’ve been trying to court the help of Digg in making this app all that it can be, and if you want to help that along, you should drop them a line yourselves requesting the same!

IMPORTANT: This application is intended *only* for people who wish to support the efforts of the developers. It is identical in *every way* to the free version of this application which can be found under the name “Diggerific.” The proceeds from the sale of this application will be used to further the development of Diggerific, as well as pay hosting fees for server resources. If you don’t feel Diggerific is worth paying for, or just want to test it out prior to donating, by all means go get the free copy.

Diggerific uses the published Digg API.

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