Category: Utilities
Released: Aug 12, 2008
Price: $4.99

Here’s a simple to use ultility for Binary DIP-Switch Devices.

Features a nine position (0-512) binary dip switch.
For values 0-256, refer to switches 1-8.


1. Pick a starting DEVICE ADDRESS (example: 205), the DIP switch graphic will change as you enter these numbers in the picker.

2. Select an OFFSET (example: Device uses 3 channels)

3. Click on Regenerate.

The DEVICE ADDRESS pickers will animate to display 208 and the DIP switches will change to the binary settings for channel 208.

4. Keep pressing Regenerate to receive the subsequent DMX Addresses as needed.

Take a look at our online video at
for more information.

Based off our DMX lighting App, “iSwitch DMX”

If you need more than a nine button switch, or greater than 512 values, please contact me @ and I will make the necessary adjustments for a future release.