Category: Productivity
Released: Aug 11, 2008
Price: $1.99

MobileFinder is a file manager, viewer, and editor written for the iPhone™ and iPod Touch™ that shares files directly with your full-size computer. You can use your device to carry your files around with you, and access them from any computer with a web browser!

MobileFinder is also a productivity application, and can be used to create, modify, and organize files just like you would on a laptop or desktop. See for a full list of supported files.
MobileFinder features:

* Intuitive file browser
* File transfers to and from a Mac or PC
* Compatible with Mac OS X™ 10.4 & 10.5
* Compatible with Windows XP™ & Vista™
* Compatible with all flavors of Linux™
* Standard file operations
* Text file creation and editing
* Image file viewing
* Sound file playback
* Movie file playback
* PDF viewer
* Web viewer
* Zip archive compression
* MS Office™ and iWork™ document viewing