Category: Finance
Released: Aug 11, 2008
Price: $12.99

Bankarama is a smart, simple way to avoid overdraft fees using your iPhone.

Checking your account balance using a bank’s online service can lead to overdraft fees, because the balance reported by the bank may not include pending electronic transactions or checks. Instead, Bankarama provides a personal, immediate, and authoritative record of your income and spending that you can trust when the time comes to make a spending decision.

Bankarama has been specifically designed with usability and speed in mind, so that recording a transaction takes only 2-3 seconds, and can be politely completed while the transaction receipt is being printed.

Keeping careful, accurate track of current account balances is an essential part of responsible personal finance management. And since Bankarama costs less than a single overdraft fee at most banks, it might end up saving you money.