Category: Productivity
Released: Aug 10, 2008
Price: $0.99

Need a new key for your wireless router, safe, or email account? Let Keyshaker do the work for you!

Generating random numbers with Keyshaker installed on your iPhone is a much saver alternative to software generated keys and cheaper than hardware generated ones. Just shake your iPhone and let Keyshaker generate a key for you (character only, numerical only, or character and numerical). The built-in Accelerometer makes it almost impossible to generate the same key twice, while Push-Technology allows you to copy and paste your keys.

Keyshaker also lets you store the generated keys. Select a contact from your address book and the key is stored as a note. You can also add this key to multiple people, while each person can store multiple keys too. Keys can also be saved to your computer by just synching your iPhone with your Mac or PC.