Category: Games
Released: Aug 10, 2008
Price: $0.99

This version of the popular game supports rotation!

Rotate the device to rearrange the balls to get out of a sticky situation – or get yourself into one! Tilt the device at a shallower angle and the balls move slower.

Remove 2 or more touching balls of the same color until the level is cleared. The game ends if you end up with only one ball of any one color.

* Sound effects
* High scores
* Increasing number of colours
* Single or double tap mode
* Rotate device to re-arrange balls

Coming in v1.1
*Fixed Quit/Start button not showing correct text
*Added option to reset high scores
*Now show level reached in high scores
*Removed delay before high score name editor appears

Coming in v1.2
*Added Fast/slow mode
*Submit your top score to our website at the click of a button!
*Game no longer ends when one ball of a colour remains
*Added slow/fast option