Category: Games
Released: Aug 10, 2008
Price: Free

Skippy Lite is the modern implementation of the ancient board game known as “Peg Solitaire” or simply “Solitaire” (don’t mistake it for the card game). The object of the game is to eliminate balls and finish the game with only one ball remaining on the board, preferably in the center position.

You remove a ball by jumping over it with another ball. Only certain jumps are allowed: you must jump horizontally or vertically, and you can jump only over one ball at a time to a free adjacent field.

This sounds all very easy, and it is. But don’t be surprised if you have to put on your thinking cap. Skippy strengthens the ability to think logically, improves the power of concentration and helps you keep a flexible mind. It’s also perfectly suitable for children.

The free Skippy Lite only includes a historic board layout known as “The French Board”. See a movie of Skippy in action on my website.