Category: Education
Released: Aug 08, 2008
Price: $12.99

Japanese -> English and English -> Japanese dictionary for the iPhone and iPod touch containing more than 200,000 definitions and sample sentences.

How to use the dictionary:

Handwriting recognition: The Traditional Chinese keyboard can be used to input Kanji into the dictionary. To turn this keyboard on, go settings->keyboard->international keyboards->Chinese (Traditional) and choose the “handwriting” keyboard.
This is great for looking up Kanji which you know how to draw, but cannot pronounce.

Japanese to English: The Japanese to English dictionary is automatically initiated when the search word is written in Japanese. Therefore, to use the Japanese->English dictionary, Japanese words need to be inputted using the Japanese keyboard, which is included with all iPhones and iPod touch devices. In order to activate the Japanese keyboard:
from the home screen go Settings->General->Keyboard->International Keyboards->Japanese.

If you would like to input using Romaji, select the QWERTY keyboard. The inputted Romaji will automatically be converted to Hiragana, from which you can search the Japanese dictionary. Otherwise, select Kana to input using a “Hiragana keyboard”.

All Japanese entries which come up in your search will also have a Hiragana translation.

English to Japanese:
If the search word is not Japanese (i.e. not Hiragana, Katakana or Kanji), the dictionary will automatically switch to English -> Japanese mode.

NOTE: the entries in the English->Japanese dictionary are in normal Japanese (not in Romaji or plain Hiragana). Because of this, the English->Japanese dictionary may be of limited use to those who cannot read Kanji etc.

NOTE: this application requires a network connection (cellular or WiFi) to function.