Category: Utilities
Released: Aug 08, 2008
Price: $0.99

(Note: This information is for Converter 1.1, a free upgrade for current users which is under review by Apple. Converter 1.0 is very similar, but does not include as many currencies.)

Converter helps you with the mess of units you encounter in your everyday life. Convert from feet to yards to meters to miles with only a few taps. Converter handles 62 measurement units of seven common types, including length, weight, temperature, speed, volume (including common cooking units like teaspoons), area, and time. It also includes 63 currencies, with currency exchange rates updated every day over the Internet.

Converter is designed for easy, casual use, with big, beautiful displays that are usable in all light conditions and at arm’s length. And it includes a four-function calculator for those times when you have twelve three-pound widgets and you need the kilogram equivalent.