Category: Games
Released: Aug 07, 2008
Price: Free

Morning newspaper sudoku players, your time has come!

We’re proud to introduce Sudoku Daily.

Sudoku Daily gives you a new puzzle to solve every day in the difficulty of your choice.

Features include:
– Three distinct and easy-to-read skins:
– Default (Clean and simple, goes great with the iPhone interface)
– Notepad (For those that prefer the “Sudoku by hand” look)
– Vanilla (Great for no-frills players. Direct and to the point)
– 5 Difficulty levels, for players of all skill levels
– A clean, intuitive, simple-to-use interface
– One-touch note-filling (and optional automatic note management)
– An intelligent hint system that shows you the next logical step
– Per-difficulty score keeping
– Automatically saves your progress when exiting the game or receiving a phone call
– Options to disable sounds, automatic error notification, animations,
– A new puzzle every day (forever!) in the difficulty of your choice, and the ability to replay the day’s puzzle as many times as you want