Category: Music
Released: Aug 07, 2008
Price: $1.99

Do you sing karaoke, but have to flip though all the pages of the karaoke book just to find your favorite songs? Well, now you don’t have to anymore. With the Karaoke application, you can organize your favorite songs for quick access. Just go to your favorite list and you will see the songs that you want to sing, the artist of each song, the sample lyric, and most importantly the song number for the karaoke machine. If you have hundreds of albums and songs as your favorites, then you can use the search feature to quickly find your song by song name, sample lyric, or artist’s name.

Features include:
– The ability to add new albums and song lists
– Song lists in alphabetical order, displaying each song with it’s name, artist, sample lyric, and number
– Search function that will match the song by either song name, artist, or sample lyric
– Songs can be edited by touching the blue disclosure button (>)
– All albums and songs can be deleted with a swipe
– Albums are color coded with musical notes and in alphabetical order for quick selection
– Clean and intuitive user interface
– Application runs fast and reliable