Category: Healthcare & Fitness
Released: Aug 07, 2008
Price: $2.99

***Distance Meter REQUIRES iPhone 3G***

GPS in your pocket!

Distance meter is an easy to use, multi-purpose GPS distance tracker. Ever wonder what the distance of your favorite walking trail is? Distance Meter can find it! Need to know how fast your traveling while biking? Distance meter can tell you that too. Distance Meter can even show you your current altitude!

Since Distance Meter takes advantage of the iPhone 3G’s built in GPS Receiver, its accuracy is much improved over a standard step pedometer that cost ten times as much. Distance Meter’s calculations can be accurate to within a few feet* with a good GPS signal.

Go walking, hiking, jogging, running, biking, and distance meter will automatically calculate your distance traveled, current pace or speed, and much more!

Enjoy one of the most useful iPhone 3G GPS applications on the App Store!


-Live distance updates
-Current pace or speed(updates every few seconds), and average pace or speed at the end of the session**
-GPS coordinate location
-Current altitude
-Displays in both metric and standard units

Future updates with many new features soon!

*Distance Meter REQUIRES iPhone 3G to function properly.
Accuracy based on actual field tests. Accuracy of distance was within +/- 1.5%

**Due to the nature of the iPhone GPS hardware, current pace/speed is a rough estimate. The average pace/speed at the end of the session will be very accurate.