Category: Healthcare & Fitness
Released: Aug 07, 2008
Price: $0.99

Daily Count is an attractive, simple daily health tool. This app is designed to count calories, points, grams of carbs, grams of protein, or anything that you need to keep track of in your daily health and wellness routine.  Daily Count lets you enter a goal or limit and gives you a visual indicator of where you are at based on the items you enter throughout the day. It can also subtract from your daily count such as with calories burned during physical activities. Retrieving your items and totals for entry into any dietary or health system is made easy through the email system on your device. Reset your items at the beginning of each day to get a clean start on your health goals and progress!

Features include:
– Progress Bar on home screen
– Email your list
– Total Used, Total Remaining and Goal on home screen
– Easy to reset items and date
– Tracks items for a single day
– Does NOT require a login to a website
– Does NOT calculate points 
– Does NOT have a complicated nutrition lookup function