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By , May 30, 2008
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iPhone to PC TransferLenogo iPhone to PC Transfer enables you to transfer your music from Apple iPhone to PC completely and easily. Apple’s iTunes users may feel frustrated when they can’t copy songs from iPhone to PC. Now, with Lenogo iPhone to PC Transfer, iPhone users can transfer iPhone music backup to PC easily and completely with backup artists, albums, ratings and playlists. The application automatically detects your hardware and decides the best transfer speed.

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It would be a wonderful thing to know we’ll never have a hard drive failure, a system crash with data loss or our computer stolen, but that’s not reality. Those things happen. Sooner or later plenty of iPhone users will need to the same as we’ve done with a computers–a fresh install of the operating system, either because of a physical defect which requires new hardware, or to eliminate any of the spyware, viruses, and other exploits.

Lenogo iPhone to PC Transfer is designed to back-up your entire iPhone music library to PC. Once you’ve spent the time, money and effort to put music on your iPhone, there isn’t any reason it should be locked away. To protect your precious favorite music file from data loss, ask Lenogo iPhone to PC Transfer for help!

purchaseBUY NOW – $29.95

iPhone to PC Transfer

Key features of Lenogo iPhone to PC Transfer:

  • Powerful transfer: iPhone music backup/recovery to PC
  • Complete transfer: Backup artists, albums, ratings and playlists.
  • Fastest transfer: Transfer speed is ultimately high.
  • Easy single-step transfer: directly transfer music from iPhone to PC, no need of any mid step.
  • Compatible transfer: Full compatibility with all iPhone models.
  • Content-rich transfer: backup video files as well as audio files.
  • Automatic transfer: Automatically detect your hardware and decide the best transfer mode.

purchaseBUY NOW – $29.95

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